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the yogaloft
the 3rd trans-atlantic yogafestival cologne
october 1-5, 2009

beloved yogiz & yoginis, thank you so much for your kind participation. We still feel thrilled by this wonderfull family gathering we had. 'be here now! be love now' that's what we and all teachers experienced with you and vice versa. We are very greatful to have been hosted such a nice community, full of love and peace..
Our special thanks goes to all our beloved teachers:

  • Sir Edwark Clark (vinyasa)
  • Nicki Doane (maya yoga vinyasa fusion)
  • Julie Gudmestad (iyengar yoga)
  • Meenakshi Joy (mantras & nada yoga)
  • Bhavani Maki (yoga sutras)
  • Todd Norian (anusara yoga)
  • Sarah Powers (yin yoga)
  • Francois Raoult (iyengar & restorative yoga)
  • Ron Reid (ashtanga vinyasa)
  • Karl Straub (tibetan heart yoga)
  • Kai Hitzer (kalari - indian martial arts)
  • Petros Haffenrichter (jivamukti yoga
  • Anke Zoller (kids yoga)

as well as to our sponsores:

yoga festival background:

The trans atlantic yoga festival was created in 2005 by Véronique Fleming & Sonia Bach, the directors and founders of the popular yogaloft studio in Cologne, Germany. Our mission is to merge the yogic oceans of all directions, into one glorious wave, one delicious taste of deep inspiration, transformation, love & joy. One big groovin' yoga family without borders!

The premiere festival was launched in September of 2006. With deep thanks to heart opening conversations with 2 beautiful yogi friends, Seane Corn & David Swenson, we were inspired to take it to the next level in 2007, to a place of creating social change. The theme was 'yoga goes green', and fundraised for 'trees for the future' donating enough to help plant over 75,000 trees in the tsunami devastated area of southern India. Once again, raising the bar, the yogaloft made a conscious choice to be a green studio. Let the green wave roll on! It is the main pulse of the decade. Every body counts, every action matters, just like each and every breath. Be a catalyst for a positive change. May this inspire you to DO SOMETHING POSITIVE NOW!